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Retail 1800-262-9429 or 706-782-2776

Wholesale 1-866-782-4995 or 706-782-4995

Wholesale Customers Only

Wholesale opportunity

We can Supply your farm or Business

Hillside products are available for private label.

we also offer Value added service where we can take your fruit and turn it into a product for longer selling time and more profit to you

We are also a co-packer and a Process Authority. Hillside is an Acidified processing Plant which includes Jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, ciders and Sauces. WE Do NOT process Low Acid or Meat Products.

Wholesale Customers Minimum orders $200. Full Cases only. Tax number needed at time account is set up.

For More information

Sales: Lynn Smith

Value Added/ Contract Packaging: Michael Houston

or 1-866-782-4995