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Robert Mitcham Sr

Founder of Hillside Orchard Farms

Robert Mitcham Sr (11/10/1943-06-07-2023) 

 spent his entire life in the areas agriculture. From His years in high school where he ran the canning plant. In later years as the local ag teacher he again ran the local canning plant.  He has many accomplishments over the years.  He has a bachelor of science Degree from the University of Georgia in agrimony later he got his teaching certified he is certified in the better process school held at Clemson university and in juice HASAP. combined he has close to 60 years experience that brings a knowledge base to hillside.


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Special Brands

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Mountain Gourmet

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JR’s Hot Sauce

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Drink Mixers

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The Mayhaw Tree

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The Jelly Shop

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Georgia Vidalia

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Spice Blends & Dry Rubs

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Thunder Road


Our Hillside Wholesale Staff

Robert Sr. & Patsy Mitcham, Founders & Owners  patsy@hillsideorchard.com

Michael & Kiley Mitcham Houston, 2nd Generation Family

kiley@hillsideorchard.com / michael@hillsideorchard.com

Co-packing Services, Value Added Services, Label Development. Food Safety Management

Robert Mitcham Jr., Karen Mitcham
2nd Generation Family

Lynn Smith,  New Customers, Orders, Label Information lsmith@hillsideorchard.com                      Debbie Martin,  Customer Service, Orders, Accounts Receivable  debbie@hillsideorchard.com