Robert Mitcham Sr

Founder of Hillside Orchard Farms

Robert Mitcham Sr  Has spent his entire life in the areas agriculture. From His years in high school where he ran the canning plant. In later years as the local ag teacher he again ran the local canning plant.  He has many accomplishments over the years.  He has a bachelor of science Degree from the University of Georgia in agrimony later he got his teaching certified he is certified in the better process school held at Clemson university and in juice HASAP. combined he has close to 60 years experience that brings a knowledge base to hillside.


Private label

As a service to our customers Hillside Orchard Farms private labels many of the products we produce.
We are glad to label in such a way as to promote these products to help build your sales base.
In addition to this “Name Drop” on Wedding Favors, Corporate Gifts, Fund Raisers, Gift Boxs and Events

1. To become a private label customer the initial order placed with Hillside Orchard Farms must be at least $500.004. Special Names For Product Is Allowed On Initial Order As Long As They Comply With Dept Of Agriculture Rules.
2. Art work for label 1 should be provided in vector art (line art) 400 DPI.
Art work for Option 2, 3, and 4 should be in a digital format JPG, EPS, AI, or PDF minimum 600 DPI.
3. There is a set of fee of $35.00 per label design.
This includes three label options, so you can select one Some labels may incur additional art charges.
4. Special Names For Product Is Allowed On Initial Order As Long As They Comply With Dept Of Agriculture Rules.
5. Hillside Must Have A Signed Proof Before Label Is Printed
6. All labels applied must be summited to Hillside to comply with The GA Dept. of Agriculture prior to printing.
7. Label Options Are Limited To One Base Label . 5. Hillside Must Have A Signed Proof Before Label Is Printed

Option # 1: In House Label
Text and simple Graphic on one of our label Blanks
Labels are printed at Hillside on your choice of blank stock (options next page) with a choice of Black, Red, Green, or Blue print. These labels are available in two different sizes to accommodate all jar sizes. Your name and product information will be printed in house in all one color. A simple graphic may also be added but must be the same color as the printed text. The customer should provide the graphic. Once the label is completed, a label proof will be sent to the customer for approval. At this time you should verify address phone number and zip code. When a signed approval is received, the product order will be labeled and shipped. The cost of this label option is $1.00 per case. Set up fee and additional art charges may apply.

Option #2 : Label Blank With Your Full Color Logo
Your Full Color logo is printed by a label on thermal stock by a printing company. The customer may have the label designed and provide us with artwork At time of labeling product Hillside Orchard Farms will print the product information on the label in the customers' choice of black, blue, red, or green print. (thermal printing) Hillside does not charge for this option, but you will be responsible for the cost of the thermal stock from the printing company.

Option #3 : Finished Label Printed at Hillside
Full color inkjet labels can now be printed at Hillside. There is a setup fee of 35.00 per label base, additional art charges may occur. Label cost is 1.50 per case of product. The customer should provide the graphics in either a digital or clean scanable format JPG, EPS, AI or PDF minimum 600 DPI..

Option #4: Finished Label Printed at Label Company
Full color labels can at Printing Company. Hillside will assist you in designing your finished Label and working with our printing company. We will provide ingredient Statement and Nutritional for products purchased from Hillside. You must provide your own BarCode. You will be billed for the cost of printing the label, and any art or charges from the printing company. Hillside will provide an hour of free art and correspondence time. Time spent over the hour will be billed at 35.00 per hour.

While growing up in the rural areas of Georgia, farming and canning became a way of life for Robert and Patsy Mitcham Sr. During High school, Robert was active in agriculture and Future Farmers of America. He helped run a canning plant at his school and later became an agriculture teacher and ran the local canning plant for Rabun County.

A bumper crop of cucumbers is all it took to start a canning plant and a way of life for the Mitchams. A small jelly kitchen was built in the backyard of the Mitcham's North Georgia home in 1983. It all began with 10 products including; strawberry jam, apple butter and the bread and butter pickles made from that crop of cucumbers. From that small jelly kitchen Hillside Orchard Farms has grown into a major company producing over 600 products that ship all over the United States, The Bahamas, Bermuda, The Caymen Islands, and Canada.

Three generations of the Mitcham family now run the operations of Hillside Orchard Farms. We specialize in private labeling of product, contract packaging, value added packaging and all of our products are available for wholesale. Hillside has expanded to include a retail country store where you can buy our products and spend a day at the farm, or visit our mail order store on the web. We also offer Wedding Favors and Corporate Gifts with your name on them.

We currently own our own fleet of trucks and run delivery routes in the Southeast. We reach the rest of the country via outlets such as UPS, Fed Ex and common carriers. In the past year, we have added a honey operation, Store Bakery, and are working on a Distillery

A lot has changed over the years but we still hold on to the values and quality that got us started. We now run a fully modern, fully licensed, FDA and The Georgia Department of Agriculture regulated plant. But, with one taste, you will agree that the homemade goodness is still there. We know your customers will be happy with our products and will return for more again and again. Whether it has your name on it, or ours, the quality is guaranteed.

Contract Packaging

We are a fully licensed and accredited FDA regulated facility.
We make marketing your private recipe both safe and legal
NOTE: Hillside is an Acidfied Processing Plant which includes Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Relish, Ciders, Sauces.
WE DO NOT PROCESS LOW ACID PRODUTS OR MEAT PRODUCTS8. Hillside cannot provide storage for finished Products. Products left for more than 14 days will be billed and a storage fee of 2% per week will be charged unless prior arrangements have been made. Product not picked up or paid for after 30 days can be liquidated at our store without prior arrangements Our Contract Packaging Service allows companies big and small to market their own individual products. Whether it is a BBQ sauce that has been passed down for generations or a relish that a restaurant or business just came up with or anything in between, Hillside can make it for you Call For Information 706-782-49957. Minimum Batches apply and are based on the product and the process of making the product.

6. For new private product and value added customers, a deposit is required before product is made
5. Hillside does not warehouse any contract product. Marketing is up to you.4. We will assist in label regulations and design, ingredient statement and nutritional statement. 3. Research and Development cost for initial run is $500.00 plus product cost. This does not include labels. 2. After checking pH and with a copy of your recipe (specific ingredient brands are required), we formulate batch recipe and give you a price per case.1. We start with a sample of your product and your ingredient statement and container you want to bottle in.
Customer has submitted a recipe to Hillside Orchard Farms, Inc. to begin the process of manufacturing a Special Product for sale. The recipe is titled Customers recipe. HOF accepts this recipe for consideration. This recipe will not be shared with anyone not associated with the production of the product at HOF. The product will only be produced for Named Customer or one of his agents.

The only exception to disclosing the recipe will be upon request of a regulatory agency (i.e. Food and Drug Administration or Georgia Department of Agriculture)

This agreement in no way implies a non-compete agreement. HOF is a manfacturer of many private and private label recipes. There is a high probability that HOF already produces or will produce a similiar product in the future.
NOTE: Hillside is an Acidfied Processing Plant which includes Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Relish, Ciders, Sauces.
Hillside Orchard Farms, Inc.

Value added

Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Butters, Salsa & Syrup
Minimum 20 BushelCider Minimum 150 Bushels or 8 BinsCider--Minimum 500 Gallons or 3000 PoundsCABBAGE, ONIONS
Hot Chow Chow, Mild Chow Chow, Onion Relish
Minimum 20 Boxes or 1000 Pounds
Product needs to be clean, refrigerated, and free of rot
Grapes must be pressed into juice prior to delivery to Hillside MUSCADINE GRAPES
Jams, Jellies, Preserves & Syrup
Minimum 100 Gallons or 600 Pounds
Grapes need to be clean, refrigerated, and free of rot
Peaches & Apples need to be clean, refrigerated, and free of rot
Berries need to be clean and frozen in 5 gallon buckets
Strawberries, Blueberries, & Blackberries
Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Salsa & Syrup
Minimum 100 Gallons or 600 Pounds
Berries need to be cleaned, capped, and frozen in 5 gallon buckets Strawberries need 2 pounds of sugar on the top
to help preserve the flavor and color MINIMUM QUANTITIES & RAW PRODUCT PREPARATION
Our Value Added Services allow growers to reap profits on products that normally would be a loss or at most a break even product. We do this by taking seconds, culls, or overuns fruits and vegetables and turning them into a product that can be sold by the grower at a much higher profit margin.

Special Brands

mason jar

Mountain Gourmet

mason jar

JR’s Hot Sauce

mason jar

Drink Mixers

mason jar

The Mayhaw Tree

mason jar

The Jelly Shop

mason jar

Georgia Vidalia

mason jar

Spice Blends & Dry Rubs

mason jar

Thunder Road


Our Hillside Wholesale Staff

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